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POS Solution – Convenience or Privilege?

Does your retail POS system offer excellent transactional convenience but little strategic decision making considerations?

One obvious reply could be, ‘Should it offer such privileges?

Only if they are seen as ‘privileges’.

Gone are those days, when POS systems were considered as offering just ‘transactional solutions’. The competitive nature of the industry is forcing the aspirational retails to look beyond such transactional conveniences.

A superior Retail POS solution is supposed to combine its transactional data analytical capability with intuitive reasoning logic for the following reasons.

At the basic level, the software solution should be able to analyze transactional data and help a retailer keep track of one’s inventory and stock position.

At the advanced level, it should be able to sift through volumes of transactional data and identify ‘patterns of’ buyer behaviour. This is a ‘data intense’ activity involving the software to position data over different time periods for comparative analysis.

At loggerheads!

Further, the solution should provide sophisticated forecasting features that help normalize its transactional decision making ‘logic’ by deductive reasoning, albeit over a period of time, with strategic significances.

For only a solution with intuitive interface can identify such buyer patterns. Such a solution could easily become a game changer in the retailscape.

The big question is, ‘Is your POS system armed with such capabilities?

If your reply is an inaudible ‘NO’, it is time you asked difficult questions!

For no sooner than you finished reading this article have such features lost their tag of ‘luxury’. They might probably be the last of the depleting list of competitive edges left unclaimed!

The plethora of Retail POS software solutions inundating the market, with their cloud based value propositions, has only made the matters worse. In such a scenario, where could the aspirational retailer turn to, for guidance?


These can only inform (or, rather, misinform) retailers.

But what about a trial? A Free product trial!

Intrigued, but not yet convinced?

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So, go Try before you Buy!