Sell more efficiently with
right retail Billing Software

Sell more efficiently
with right retail Billing Software
Billing software happy customers

Measure, Manage & Sell More

Comprehensive Retail billing software that suites any business

Fast billing

Shoppers today look forward to a greater exit experience as much as the in-store experience. Unmatched billing speed aided with integration to all POS accessories


Stock what sells more, get notified on non-moving and expiry items and take corrective action, reorder basis smart recommendations to optimize stock and avoid shortage

Cloud POS

Operate your business on cloud without installing a Point of sale software, keep your business market ready, have critical business reports delivered to you 24x7 with web based POS


Build an easy & efficient system by extending it. 3rd party integrations like Accounts, Payments, Loyalty, Mall manager, Credit Card, E-commerce platforms and more.

CRM & Loyalty

Profile customers. Pull new and repeated customers. Understand customer preferences through purchase history and plan creative promotions. Reward loyal customers and increase sales

Multi store management

Centralized monitoring of store-wise sales, purchase, inventory, profits & more. Take action from anywhere with web access to all stores. Feel confident and expand to more outlets

Do you have a large business ?

Need a customer success partner to provide right solution, deployment & personalised service ?

You need GoFrugal ERP software

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Get more happy
and repeated customers

An express billing counter to manage your peak hours billing

Customers with less items in cart can have SellSmart as the express checkout counter. Never lose a customer due to delayed billing. Reach out customer's door steps, generate more revenue in home deliveries instead of waiting for customers to walk-in to your retail store.

On shelf, Inventory = Costs

At POS terminal, Inventory = Revenue

Move inventory from shelf to terminal, from cost to revenue

GoFrugal Alert Notification is the business magnifier...

Pull your customers closer to you

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Spread Catchment area
More customers
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Retail Store Information accessed, how?

It is time you shift to SmartReports

Retail store reports
Move over from manually going through daybooks, ledgers to accessing reports on shop computer and taking long printouts or reports or depending on someone else for your own business reports. Get SmartReports now
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Get real time analytics of your retail chain store performance

Measure and grow your retail business with outlet wise graphical Sales vs Purchase data, business growth performance period wise

8 Reasons why your business needs a cloud point of sale system

Cost effective, secured, centralised data, easy, convenient, works offline, anywhere anytime store access from any device & most importantly integrations made easy

Online Billing Software
POS integration with retail online ecommerce store

Integrate online & physical store

one tool for common inventory, accounting & more

You do not need extra hands to manage your extra channels of sales. We'll integrate your online business to our POS. View sales orders received in e-commerce site directly from the POS and process deliveries. Sync the inventory and pricing details of items from physical store to online store. Take control of your online business and manage it professionally
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