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Benefits of using Gofrugal's restaurant chain management solution


Reduced operational costs and increased revenue

Cut operational costs in your restaurant chain by automating tasks like ingredient procurement and supplier management. Centralize control, monitor outlet performance in real time, and scale your business effortlessly with a restaurant chain management system for sustained success.


Consistent quality across locations

Centrally define, create, and standardize recipes for consistent quality across outlets. Implement detailed production plans, accurately track food costs, and manage a centralized supplier database to ensure quality ingredients for every outlet.


Expanded online presence and brand presence

Strengthen your online presence with popular food aggregators and the ONDC network. Take an extra step by building your own mobile ordering app for convenient ordering and efficient delivery.

Why choose Gofrugal's 
restaurant chain management solution?

Effortless multi-outlet 
stock transfers

Easily transfer ingredients, semi-finished goods, and fully-finished goods from the central kitchen to multiple outlets. Transfer stocks between branches based on real-time demand, track stock movements to maintain optimal stock levels, and avoid inventory discrepancies.

Centralized control for franchisor

Live kitchen preparation 
and production management

Provide freedom for the outlets by allowing them to locally manage inventory, production, and waste for live kitchen preparations. Establish a centralized production plan for all outlets and ensure consistent quality and taste across all locations.

Consistent quality across locations

Dine-in and 
table management

Manage your restaurant's dining environment with smart table management. Assign stewards and waiters for each table, equip them with an order-taking app, and seamlessly transfer their orders to the kitchen with KOTs and KDS.

Enhanced customer relationships

Centralized purchase 

Generate and manage purchase orders centrally, ensuring uniformity in procurement processes. Automatically generate requisitions based on outlet stock levels. Record and validate goods receipts at each outlet. Maintain a centralized repository of suppliers, manufacturers, and transporters for better negotiations.

Expanded online presence

Centralized customer 
relationship management

Centralize customer data, loyalty programs, and promotions for seamless customer management. Extend loyalty benefits across outlets, enabling customers to redeem offers anywhere. Engage with customers via personalized interactions on WhatsApp and SMS.

Freedom to operate for franchise

Stock audit and 
accounts management

Conduct regular stock audits through mobile apps and generate accurate reports for compliance and financial analysis. Access comprehensive business reports on current stock, purchases, inventory, and stock transfers to optimize business operations and maintain good financial health for your business.

Efficient inventory and resource management
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What is restaurant chain management software?

Restaurant chain management software consists of a holistic platform to manage all operations involved in a multi-outlet restaurant business. This includes managing multiple locations from one place by centralizing operations such as purchase, production, stock transfer, reporting, and CRM. A smart restaurant chain management software automates tasks and provides real-time reports on inventory, accounts, and supply chains.

Restaurant on Tablet Screen

Grow your business faster by going on the cloud

Restaurant on Tablet Screen

Make a smart investment for your restaurant chain and gain 100% visibility when you invest in a Cloud ERP that has a lower operating cost, works offline, and on any device! Enjoy accuracy with Gofrugal's secured solution scalable capabilities!


A one-stop solution that makes your business run smoothly

Restaurant on desktop Screen

Manage your business without reliance on the internet by implementing on-premise ERP. The Gofrugal ERP software helps you streamline and analyze daily operations in order to make more informed decisions

Challenges in restaurant chain management

  • Inconsistent branding
  • Inventory discrepancies
  • Accounts management
  • Cash handling


Inconsistent branding and customer experience


Ensure consistent taste and quality across all outlets with our centralized menu and recipe management. Maintain brand cohesion by running standardized offers and promotions across all outlets. Personalize your offerings, and build strong customer relationships with our smart restaurant CRM software.


Inventory discrepancies


Monitor stock levels across all locations in real time, on a single dashboard with our restaurant chain management software. Optimize inventory with automated purchase orders based on demands and prevent overstocking. Manage stock movement between outlets centrally, reducing waste and understocking.


Accounts management


Get a comprehensive overview of your financial health for all locations with our centralized audit summary. Generate and submit Goods and Services Tax Return (GSTR) reports directly from the software. Track incoming and outgoing payments for all locations with payment reports. Automate Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) report generation and filing. Manage and track business expenses across all locations efficiently. Manage finances seamlessly across different locations and currencies with multi-currency support.


Cash handling


With our restaurant chain POS software, manage orders, payments, and cash efficiently and reduce manual errors. Monitor stock movement and cash flow in real time. Specify roles for each employee and predefine the level of access and control each can have to secure your business data. Manage the billing shift of each cashier using sessions and the handover feature and experience a smooth cash handling environment.

Experience seamless movement of stock and orders from the central kitchen to outlets for your customers


Our customer success stories


Gofrugal and its fantastic features have helped us save 50% of our operational time. We strongly recommend Gofrugal and are planning to adopt it for our future expansion as well.

SRM Sweets & Cakes, Chennai

Mr. Vinoth Singaram,



Gofrugal's ServeEasy OnCloud has transformed our business and contributed to 30% growth. We recommend Gofrugal to all F&B businesses.

Jody's Restaurant, Fiji

Ms. Priscilla Darshani,



ServeEasy helped us streamline our operations, and their Smart Reports, ServJoy integration, and especially KOT - helped us delight our customers. Happy to use Gofrugal!

Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

Mr. Jey Charan,


Overview of restaurant chain management system

How does Gofrugal's chain restaurant management software differ from traditional POS systems?

Gofrugal's chain restaurant management software does more than a traditional POS system. While POS handles billing, transactions, and order processing, chain restaurant management software extends its capabilities to centralize control over multiple outlets, manage inventory across locations, and provide in-depth analytics for informed decision-making.

Why do chain restaurants need specific software?

Chain restaurant software helps you manage your business in the following operations.

  • Multi-location inventory tracking: Monitor stock levels across all branches and automate purchase orders for optimal efficiency.
  • Centralized recipe management: Ensure consistent taste and quality of your signature dishes at every location.
  • Unified POS systems: Process orders quickly and securely, offering various payment options and loyalty programs.
  • Data-driven insights: Gain real-time performance reports to identify trends, optimize operations, and boost profitability.

What specific features does Gofrugal's chain restaurant management software offer?

Gofrugal's chain restaurant management software offers features such as centralized purchase management, seamless order processing, real-time inventory tracking, GST and tax filing, centralized user management, centralized offer management, and integration with multiple payment gateways. It ensures efficient operations handling for restaurateurs and enhances the overall dining experience for customers.

How does restaurant chain POS contribute to operational efficiency?

Restaurant chain POS contributes to operational efficiency by automating order processing, providing inventory data for live kitchen and production management, and streamlining dine-in and table management. This reduces manual efforts, minimizes errors, and accelerates the overall service quality of the restaurant.

What role does centralized purchase management play in chain restaurant management software?

Centralized purchase management in restaurant chain management software ensures consistent sourcing and pricing across all outlets using centralized masters for suppliers and procurement. It not only streamlines the procurement processes but also minimizes discrepancies in inventory costs and facilitates efficient supply chain operations.

How does restaurant chain management software address customer relationship management (CRM) for restaurant chains?

Restaurant chain management software includes a centralized CRM system, integrating tools like WhatsApp, SMS engagement, and loyalty programs. Our CRM has centralized offer management, centralized loyalty management, centralized user role management, and centralized customer history management. This fosters personalized interactions, customer retention, and satisfaction, creating a healthy relationship between the brand and the customers.

What benefits can be expected from using restaurant chain management software?

Implementing restaurant chain management software offers several benefits, including reduced operational costs, increased revenue through centralized control, real-time insights, and automated tasks. It also ensures consistent quality across locations, expanded online and brand presence, and scalability to adapt to the growing needs of the business.

Can the software handle stock audits and account management for restaurant chains?

Yes, the restaurant chain management software is equipped with smart reporting tools for stock audits and account management. It simplifies the auditing process, provides accurate financial insights, and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

How do I get started with Gofrugal's chain restaurant management software?

To get started with Gofrugal to manage your restaurant chain business, you can either reach out to our team through our website or click the link below to schedule a personalized demo for your business.

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