Prosper your business in the new world of restaurant operations with an online food ordering system


Contactless QR code based online food ordering system

Give your customers a safe, fast, delightful, and contactless food ordering experience on their own devices
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Your own free app integrated with your restaurant ordering system

Get 25% higher profit margins, and zero commission on online orders
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Food Delivery made EASY with online food ordering software

Safe and delightful experience guaranteed for every delivery with your own online food ordering software and food delivery app
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Easy restaurant order management with online food ordering software

Manage all your online orders from multiple channels in a hassle-free way through a single online food ordering software

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contactless dining app
Receipts and feedback made contactless for a delightful experience
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Benefits of using an online food ordering system for restaurants

Enhance customer efficiency and order management by providing a complete sales dashboard with information about new / active / cancelled orders, lifetime sales and more

Enable customers to visualize their orders by adding image-intensive, customized menus

Offer your customers a safe, fast, delightful delivery experience with your own food delivery app

Capture customer information while ordering and use it later for marketing and promotions

Increase your profits by 25% and cut down on commission rates with your restaurant ordering app

Provide your customers with the freedom to order at their convenience, even if it's after business hours

What is an online food ordering system?

An online food ordering system is a management software that allows restaurants to accept and manage online food orders from customers quickly and conveniently, through their website, a mobile app, and other food aggregator apps.

Why do restaurants need online food ordering software?

In recent years, online ordering has risen rapidly. So having an online presence is vital for restaurants to prosper, as it allows you to reach potential customers who might not know about you otherwise. Online food ordering software can prove highly beneficial for restaurants by managing all of their online orders in one place and providing customers with a quick and delightful delivery experience.

Integrated Full service Restaurant management system

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Why is Gofrugal the best online food ordering system for restaurants?

Gofrugal's online food ordering software empowers restaurants to grow efficiently with minimal staff and high accuracy, as the operations are simplified from accepting online orders to delivery. In addition, restaurants also enjoy 100% accuracy as the software is empowered with tools such as order analysis and forecasting that help you to make the right decisions in real time.

"The COVID 19 lockdown has changed the entire universe to a different state. And adapting to this new situation was found difficult for both people and us. But thanks to GOFRUGAL team we are now able to process online food orders through our own restaurant ordering app and serve our customers. This has helped us to retain our customers with us”

Jai Charan
Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

How to download free online food ordering software from Gofrugal?

Experience a free trial of Gofrugal's online food ordering software with just a few simple clicks

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