6 immediate benefits you can experience with retail inventory software

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Inventory features

Evaluate and purchase right

Inventory features

Exercise regular stock audits

Inventory features

Eliminate revenue losses

Inventory features

Eradicate human errors

Inventory features

Ensure 100% stock availability

Inventory features

Enhance customer satisfaction

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Scale up your sales, with the right retail inventory software!

Accurate retail inventory management result in,

Inventory features

increase in overall productivity, and sales

Inventory features

improvement in stock usage efficiency

Inventory features

reduction in losses with effective space utilization

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The go-to retail stock management software for businessess!

You can stay competitive with the right digital tools that help you gain more accuracy with the least skills. GoSure, the retail inventory management app offers faster and accurate goods inwards from anywhere with PO reconciliation, dynamic stock refills before there is a stock out. You can reduce stock take expenses, with stock counting during live business hours, process orders across channels without any hassle.

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Gofrugal inventory

Top 3 reasons why you should choose Gofrugal as your partner for all your inventory needs

Inventory features

Gain control across operations

Streamline your inventory operations from purchase to sales, accounting, stock transfers, employee management covering multichannel operations across locations

Inventory features

Get more customers

Know how to effectively utilize the space available in your store by forecasting right, avoiding over stocking, and managing supply chain from anywhere for faster deliveries

Inventory features

Guarantee delighting shopping

Never miss to meet customer needs by optimizing stock levels with dedicated digital solutions for stock counting, purchase inwards, order management, and stock refilling

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Why our customers believe Gofrugal is the most feature-rich and friendly retail inventory tracking software?

Accomplishing accurate stock transfer is a challenging task. With Gofrugal ERP, we have an accurate stock transfer that saves time, labor costs, and unwanted paper costs.

Bhakti Pujapo

Mr. Manshu Parik, Accounts Manager

With Gofrugal's ERP, managing my multi-store business has become easy. Using centralized data, we can control everything, including barcodes and stock transfer from the warehouse location itself.

Surprise Home Linen

Mr. Nirav Meswani, Proprietor

Gofrugal POS helped me have complete centralized control over my inventory.

Yves Rocher Multi Stores

Mr. Anthony Boreh, Brand manager

Brands that chose Gofrugal as their trusted partner for inventory optimization and gained inventory control!

Expand your business with dedicated digital tools that help you gain inventory control!


When it comes to inventory control, GoSure guarantees 100% accuracy, across your inventory and helps you stay confident with your stocks, for complete inventory control, everyday!

StockTake app for daily automated stock counting during business hours

GRN app for instant purchase inwards from anywhere

StockPick app for easy and hassle-free order processing

StockRefill app for carrying optimum stocks in racks, always

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    GoAct consists of a wide array of reports which can be used to derive the analytics like the stock movement, stock to sales ratio, stock discrepancy, bulk and repack details with related report recommendations. Identify stock levels by forecasting the demands, control stocks virtually by accessing automated reports, and get notified on the changes across operations from anywhere!

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    It is possible to self-drive the core inventory operations with the help of machine learning, that helps you track, forecast, plan and automate the activities like daily reordering, transfer in-out, and control out of stock. This in turn reduces around 50% waste of stocks, saves 90% of the manual reordering time, and increases sales by 10% more than usual. There are lot more exciting features like seasonal planning, transfer suggestions across stores, and daily stock audit suggestions that helps you make more profits with the resources available!

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    Gofrugal inventory

    Key features of retail order management software!

    • Masters management

    • Material Issue/ Receipt/Repack

    • Barcodes/ EAN codes

    • Change

    • Mark

    • Item transaction history

    • Price level

    • Masters management

    • Material Issue/ Receipt/Repack

    • Barcodes/ EAN codes

    • Change

    • Mark

    • Item transaction history

    • Price level

    Masters management

    Map the items easily with their categories, selling price, purchase price, MRP, and EAN code during the item creation itself and load the items by scanning the EAN code during billing/purchase to save your time

    Attract your customers and boost your sales by introducing interesting combo packages with Kit/Assembly items. Undo the kits prepared, unpack them and sell them loose whenever necessary

    Create messages to be displayed when the items are loaded in the sales and purchase transactions and help your employee understand the guidelines easily without any dependencies

    gofrugal inventory

    Material Issue/Receipt/Repack

    Organize the conversion of raw materials to finished goods, knowing the movement of materials and their transactions from end to end with dynamic stock adjustments

    Issue the raw materials to your suppliers and receive them back as finished products, set the final price after creating your product, calculate the manufacturing cost, and customize your selling price

    Purchase the items in bulk and sell them with high-profit margins by repacking them in small quantities using the conversion quantities and rates

    gofrugal inventory

    Barcodes/EAN codes

    Recognize the item in a single scan and accelerate the billing process by generating/printing barcodes for items individually or based on the transactions

    Have multiple EAN codes for the same item, sell them at different price based on the combinations/value.Search the item within no time, scan the EAN code, and get the right combination loaded with the specified selling rate

    Never let your customers wait at the billing counters. With weighing scale configuration, bill the countable and weighable items in a click, by scanning the weighing scale barcodes. Save your time, and never be worried about the calculations of the rate for weighable items as the rates get calculated automatically based on the weight for quick and efficient billing

    gofrugal inventory

    Change selling

    Save time by automating the calculation of new price, based on the price change methods (discount from MRP/regular price, Markup from cost/regular price, Offset from cost/regular price) through which the selling price gets loaded during purchase inwards

    Export the item list with the existing selling price, change the price, and import the high volume of items in a single shot

    Protect your profits with timely notifications whenever the price change reaches below the margin/MRP/landing costs. Never worry about the daily price fluctuations of items when you change the selling price from wherever you are using the WhatsNow app

    gofrugal inventory

    Mark up/down

    Calculate the selling price from the purchase price or MRP by setting the increase/decrease values in amount/percentage. Customize the selling price by configuring a markup value for the purchase price and a markdown value for the MRP based on the item, category, distributor, and manufacturer

    Sell the same item at different prices based on the different combinations in your store by using matrix extension

    Preset the markup/down and get the selling price generated automatically during the purchase

    gofrugal inventory

    Item transaction history

    Trouble-free tracking of all the transactions of items guaranteed with our retail inventory software by using customized filters like location, date, product type, category, distributor, and current stock

    Analyze and make the right business decisions when all types of transaction histories including opening stock, purchase, and delivery challan are available on a single screen

    Set your sequence and track all the transactions effectively with custom transaction numbers in sales, purchase, transfer in/out operations using transaction prefix master

    gofrugal inventory

    Price level

    Sell the same item with different and personalized price levels for retail and wholesale customers. You can create up to 25 different price levels having a base, and categorize them to be applied automatically during billing based on the seasons (seasonal, wholesale, and semi-wholesale)

    Configure the price levels for specific items, categories, distributors, and manufacturers and set a validity period for the price level to be active and be your customer's favorite shopping destination

    Set price by defining the margin and the period, where the price will be changed and return to the default price at the end of the specified period

    gofrugal inventory

    Carry the right stock always with these retail inventory management features

    Opening stock entry

    Physical Inventory

    Stock update

    Stock ledger

    Starts and ends the session with denomination-based opening cash in hand and closing cash balance entry

    Tracks cash in, cash-out transactions and will never miss a penny of your money

    Enables you to track the live session in Till watch and sessions of all the counters

    Check the stocks regularly, detach the difference and ensure the system stock matches with the physical stock

    Optimize your employee's time by stock counting standard/serialized/matrix items quickly and accurately using barcode scanners

    Perform regular audits to your physical inventory, pull out the damage, and the wasted items from the display, and guarantee a great shopping experience to your customers

    Evaluate, analyze, and update the stocks regularly to enhance inventory visibility

    Resell the damaged items by setting considerably lower/desired rates on making scrap entries

    Do a zero stock update and remove the items that are physically unavailable. Understand your inventory, and the reasons for the physical and system stock discrepancy, prevent theft/missing and protect your investment

    Understand your inventory's opening stock, closing stock, stock in and stock out effortlessly on a single screen using customized filters

    Sense the stock availability, item-wise transactions, and make reorders easily using stock ledger

    Check the overall/item-wise/category wise stock in and stock-out values using product flow

    Transform your business now, with the right retail inventory application!

    Gain high operational excellence, and an optimized inventory to offer the best customer experience with Gofrugal's retail inventory tracking software!

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    Overview of retail inventory management software

    What is Retail inventory management software?

    Retail inventory management software is a centralized software that allows you to manage all your store operations like sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, and CRM, from a single software. You can take complete inventory control and have visibility of inventory in real-time with this software. It provides various reports on all the business transactions made and also displays insightful analytics that helps you to analyse and take business decisions.

    Why is Retail inventory software important?

    With more walk-in customers to the store everyday, it becomes essential to optimise your time and resources in order to serve the customers better. Only by using robust retail inventory software, you will be able to serve the customers better, increase sales, and boost the revenue. This inventory management software reduces manual errors by scanning the barcodes, and thereby you can run your business with high efficiency and accuracy. With retail inventory tracking software, you can track the inventory in real-time, make purchase decisions accordingly and ensure customer delight with 100% stock availability all the time. Using automation, you can reduce the human supervision, thus ensuring employees are stress-free and available to perform other activities.

    What are the benefits of using stock management in retail stores?

    • Helps you to monitor your inventory in real-time, and make purchase decisions when the inventory goes below the minimum level
    • Allows to visualize the best selling items, non-moving items, damaged & expired items and plan for reorder or returns accordingly
    • Eliminates the investment on reams of paper to do stock audit, purchase management, and order processing with advanced apps for each of them
    • Brings in 100% accuracy in stock management with minimal efforts, minimal manpower, and minimal cost
    • Assists in increasing sales by selling non-moving items as kit and combo offers, and eliminates losses by alerting the expiry date in prior
    • Reduces the burden on employees by managing all the business operations with a single unified system
    • Helps in assured customer delight by ensuring complete stock availability all the time

    How to select a best retail inventory management software?

    Before you choose the retail inventory management software, look for the below points:

    • Good inventory management solution that provides complete inventory control
    • Depth of solution and complete fulfillment of business needs/requirements
    • Presence of accessible mobile solutions for making stock inwards, counting stock, managing orders, tracking delivery
    • Support different variations of items and track them efficiently
    • Insightful analytics and reports with real-time reporting and tracking at any time
    • Provision for Loyalty and CRM management to grab more new customers and retain repeat customers
    • Accommodation to integrate with third-party solutions
    • Continuous support to handle escalations and provide an immediate solution
    • Integrated with Accounts and meets all the financial/legal regulations laid by the Government of India
    • Ability to efficiently operate multiple outlets centrally and even operate multiple companies

    Why is Gofrugal the best retail inventory management software?

    Gofrugal, with its visionary features and solutions, has been able to ensure all the business needs of retailers are met, as is required. You can carry the inventory confidently with complete visibility and control over the inventory at any time. Apart from Bills, quotations, and orders, you can manage the returns, purchase acknowledgment, GRNs, and Credit/Debit notes from a single application. You can increase the customer footfall using the Loyalty and CRM features like Offers, discounts, and gift vouchers, You can also manage accounting, E-invoicing, from the software. You can secure and back-up your data with Gofrugal software, thus eliminating the chances of data theft or data breach. You can manage your business completely using a mobile, by using productive applications for each point in the supply chain and also to get the instant updates of your business.

    How to download free inventory management software from Gofrugal?

    You can download Gofrugal's POS inventory management software by clicking below.

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