Talk to your business | GOFRUGAL WhatsNow

So you are a CEO, a  Proprietor or an Owner. You are talented, successful and extremely busy. But are you monitoring the business that you own?

Your business has its own persona, its own identity and its own lifestyle. You own it yes, but you are not the business and the business is not you. It has its own stages of rise, fall, expansion or renovation. It’s always very lively, like our kids, like us. So why only manage and control it? Why not be even more closer? Why not just speak to it?

In this digital world, we believe that quick decisions based on accurate & real-time data are the game-changers. That’s exactly what will help you cross the line way ahead of your competitors. And, We have found how to do it in a fast & simple way, by just speaking or chatting and asking the right questions to your business.

WhatsNow gives you real time business data in 10 secs. You can be anywhere, but you can still be in touch with your business.

Mr. Nestor Castillano of Nestleigh Pharmacy, Philippines says, “Wow! This is one of the best things I have seen in a POS software. It really feels great to be connected with my shop always”

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