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Benefits of using Distribution Software in Wholesale Business

A comprehensive distribution management software is designed to benefit both single and chain businesses, catering to the needs of stockists, super stockists, wholesalers, dealers, and distributors. Some of the benefits of using distribution software for wholesale business are,

Order Management

Enhance sales efficiency and lower expenses by boosting sales per representative through a streamlined mobile app for order entry and collection, seamlessly integrated with our wholesale distribution software

Offers and Schemes

Enhance customer relationships and make more profits simultaneously using distribution management software with diversified offers and schemes based on products, categories, customer types, and selective batches or lots

Control Price and Margin

Enjoy a higher margin with multiple price levels and discounts for specific customers, customer groups, and product categories. Ease of multi-format and multi-company invoicing using the wholesale distribution software

Inventory Management

Get complete control of your stocks, know what you are selling and what you are left with, and know what to purchase and when to purchase using Automatic Reorder software for wholesale distribution

Credit and Receivables

Control credit limits and days effectively and have complete visibility using quality outstanding and collection reports with integrated distribution software and financial accounting module

Returns Management

Handle the expired or damaged goods replacement process in distribution software with complete tracking, simpler inspections, and approvals, along with credit note and bill-wise amount adjustments

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What is Distribution Management System?

A distribution management system helps to take control of the entire distribution network so that businesses can streamline their operations, including supply chain, purchase management, sales, inventory management, accounting, returns management, order management, offers, and many more, in a single software that can help businesses make more profits.

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Distribution management system

Why do distributors need Wholesale Distribution Software?

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Quick Process Orders

Wholesale distribution software helps distributors process orders quickly, reduce dependencies, and improve customer satisfaction

Real-time Data

It provides high visibility and access to real-time data, enabling businesses to respond well to fluctuating customer demands

Complete Control

The software takes complete control from raising purchase orders to transferring stocks, receiving sales orders, processing, and supplying the orders

Optimized Inventory

With distribution software, businesses can optimize their inventory and drive more sales by streamlining their operations, reducing errors, and making data-driven decisions

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What are the features of Distribution Management System?

The distribution management system is a complete solution that includes various features to manage and optimize the distribution of products. It typically involves managing inventory, sales, and customer relationship to ensure that products are delivered efficiently and effectively to the end-users, which include retailer customers. The various features of the distribution management system are,

Accurate order processing and management with mobility solutions for Salesforce automation

Pricing management to configure various prices and discounts based on customer categories and groups

Credits and outstanding management to monitor the cash flow and receivables

Offer management to attract more customers and maintain a good relationship with the existing customers

Inventory management with real-time visibility over the stocks to maintain optimal stocks

Returns management to validate the damage, expiry, and purchase returns

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How to choose the right Distributor management system for wholesale distribution business

When looking for wholesale distribution management software, it is crucial to ensure that it has the necessary features to help you grow your business

Real-time Insights

Look out for good inventory management features that provide real-time insights on stock levels and can automatically reorder items as and when necessary for accurate purchases

Return Management

A hassle-free returns management system is also essential to help you replace and manage damaged or expired items with ease

Integrated Accounting

An integrated accounting system is another key feature that simplifies and eliminates the need for double work involved in calculation and posting

Order Management

Perfect order management solution can help you manage orders efficiently and reduce order processing time

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Why is Gofrugal the best Distribution Management System?

Gofrugal's distribution management software enables efficient business growth with minimal staff and the least skills. It stands out as a reliable solution for managing wholesale businesses remotely. With digital native solutions for order and rep management, inventory management, online ordering, and business insights, you can delight customers and boost profits. Gofrugal is the ideal software for multi-chain wholesale distribution businesses, providing control over the entire supply chain and high visibility on sales and stock levels across chains.

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Take complete control of your inventory with your mobile!

Gofrugal wholesale distribution management software is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their inventory management and improve their overall operations. With its mobile inventory management system, businesses can perform stocktake every day during business hours to accurately track their inventory status in real-time. The software generates automated stock-taking tasks for employees, increasing productivity and efficiency. Additionally, the system provides instant mismatch reports, accessible from anywhere at any time, allowing businesses to quickly reconcile any discrepancies in their inventory.
Inventory management

Take orders, create receipts and bill on the go!

The integration of sales force automation and distribution management software can greatly enhance a business's sales operations. With real-time access to stock, offers, and bill-wise outstanding details, sales reps can take more orders and collect payments faster, leading to improved productivity and revenue growth. Performance analytics, route planning, and a daily dashboard provide valuable insights into sales operations, enabling businesses to optimize their sales strategies and improve customer engagement. The integration of the sales force automation app with distribution management software can also significantly reduce the order turnaround time, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention. Overall, businesses that adopt this integrated approach can achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings, while enhancing their sales and customer service capabilities.

Multi-outlet Wholesale distribution Software Solutions

Comprehensive software solution for multiple location sales and distribution business to manage their entire down stream supply chain management like C&A / C&F, stockists and super-stockists. The loosely coupled web based distribution management software helps you manage your chain network and take informed decision from anywhere with complete visibility on sales and stock.
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Wholesale distribution solution
E-way bill generation

How to generate an e-Way bill with Gofrugal Distribution software?

When goods worth more than Rs 50,000 are transported or shipped to the consignee, an e-Way bill has to be generated. Gofrugal distribution software has automated the e-way bill generation process by reducing up to 95% of the manual effort.

Carry your Business in your pocket

The WhatsNow app, connected with the distributor management system, enables you to make data-backed decisions with real-time reports on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Experience + Gofrugal Distribution software = Delight

Gofrugal has really helped us grow our sales while at the same time reducing costs in raw materials as well as number of salesman


Proprietor, PonPon Sweets

I have used almost all the features they offer and I can confidently say that Gofrugal software and their support is excellent


Proprietor, Ramson Pharma

I love billing on Gofrugal distribution software because of its simple user interface

Mayank R.Jain

Proprietor, Sri Medi Pharma

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How to download Gofrugal's distribution management software for free?

Wholesale distribution ERP software from Gofrugal is suitable for businesses such as fertilizers, books and stationery, cement, packed drinking water, paint manufacturing, ice cream, and many more. Try Gofrugal's distribution ERP software for 30 days, absolutely free.

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