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Inventory management

What is Inventory
management software?

Inventory management software streamlines all the inventory operations from procurement to sales with real-time tracking and helps gain control across outlets. An effective and reliable inventory management system eliminates error-prone manual tasks with automation for better tracking and increased visibility to run business with high customer satisfaction having optimum inventory available, always.

Why do business need an Inventory management

Inventory management system facilitates businesses to boost their growth, serve customers well, and increases sales by automating the key inventory operations. These inventory management tools give a complete view of what's happening in the inventory from fast moving stocks to dead stocks and make data-driven timely pricing decisions without affecting the margin to run business with increased profits.

Who uses Inventory management software?

In order to enjoy complete inventory control, businesses ranging from a single store to multiple-stores rely upon good retail inventory software. From using inventory software to keep up well with the changing demand and make more sales for small businesses, to managing the supply chain across warehouses and outlets from a centralized digital platform, stock inventory management software serves as an essential tool to run a business hassle-free.

Benefits of using an
Inventory management

Forecast customer demands and plan the supply of stocks

Prevent loss of revenue, having the right stock in the store

Optimize stocks and fulfil the customer orders without fail

Empower sales force to increase sales with 100% stocks

Reduce the time, efforts and cost involved in stock audits

Eliminate manual errors amidst fluctuating stock levels

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Why does your business need
Inventory management software to grow and thrive?

Shipped order late because of no track over stock outs

Face human errors in operations as a major problem

Lost visibility on inventory across the entire supply chain


Key feature that
Gofrugal's Inventory management
system offers

Inventory management software offers features that help to boost sales with minimal staff, and the least skills and gain control over the stocks. Apart from the common features, there are more modern features like AI-based demand forecasting, stock traceability, accessing reports on mobile and many more!

Know more about features

Masters Management

Inventory Masters

Setup your stocks and raise your sales with ease

Material Issue

Organize the raw materials and finished products

Receipt / Repack

Manage the stocks with dynamic stock adjustments

Barcodes / EAN codes

Track your inventory with accuracy at a quicker pace

Pricing Management

Change selling

Manage daily price changes quickly and effectively

Mark up / down

Automate price calculations without affecting margin

Item transaction history

Know all transactions from incoming-outgoing

Price level

Customize prices, manage seasonal/clearance sales

Stock Management

Opening stock entry

Sell on the go with instant, and simple item inwards

Inventory management app

Mobile app for complete inventory control everyday

Physical Inventory and Stock update

Set the discrepancies right for a healthy inventory

Stock ledger and Product flow

Take rapid business decisions to keep stocks available

How to choose the
best Inventory management software?

Look out for these features in your Inventory management software that helps you transform your business digitally and streamline your operations to be highly profitable.

Stock count app for daily auditing and live reconciliation

Batch and expiry tracking of items with rack and shelf management

Customized inventory, barcode generation / management based on business

Multiple warehouses and outlets management from a single platform

ROI tracking with pricing control, and margin protection

Inventory automation across operations for enhanced inventory control

Reports on stock position, to know the fast moving / dead stocks

Demand forecasting tools to purchase stocks at optimal levels

Multi-store management with features to scale up business readily

What is the cost of
Inventory management system?

The key to making the right choice from a bunch of inventory management software available is understanding the key features your business needs. There are different pricing tiers that are based on factors like number of users, orders processed, locations etc. Evaluate the pricing vs the features offered and pick a plan that suits your business the best from a software that scales alongside your business as it grows.

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Why choose
Gofrugal's Inventory management software?

Gofrugal ERP is a powerful and reliable Inventory management software built for all business sizes that helps,

Streamline inventory operations with high accuracy, minimal skills, and manpower backed by AI-ML-based tools to be customers' favorite store and have best sales for all seasons

Ensure complete inventory control with an inventory management app for perpetual stock audits, instant inwards, accurate order processing and dynamic stock refills

Make timely business decisions on the go with actionable reports, have the right inventory days on hand, manage product pricing and packaging without losing margin to profit well

Experience + Gofrugal = Delight

With Gofrugal's ERP, my inventory is always up-to-date, and reordering with the right suppliers happens automatically. I've never lost customers due to out-of-stock after implementing Gofrugal

Mr. Arjun, Proprietor

Thayagam Shopping Mall

With Gofrugal POS and GoSure app I'm able to monitor the stock auditing across 12 outlets centrally. Now we have increased employee productivity and there is no out of stock as well as over stocking

Mr. Senthil Kumar, Manager

Shivling Supermarket

GoSure - the inventory app is a great boom to the industry with daily stock auditing. Before GoSure we've never audited stocks completely, but now we do it daily and make the right decisions before purchase!

Mr. Omkar Sarda, Proprietor

Medical Distributors

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