GoFrugal's inventory software solution empowers you to achieve shorter inventory turnaround, avoid shortage and increased capital utilization. It has a flexible and comprehensive product classification inbuilt to suit your business needs.

Inventory Software Key Features

  • Supports multi-company, multi-division and multi-location stock management
  • Automatic generation of stock discrepancy report with the support of PDA that enables comparison of system & physical stock
  • Facilitates embedding Purchase reference in barcode which aids tracking of inventory product to the purchase invoice in which it is received
  • Supports Stock Transfer to other location just by click of a button
  • Inventory system classification can be specific to each department & with different stock states (uninitialized, unaudited & audited)
  • Track inventory based on location, rack, shelf and bin & also wastage/damaged products
  • Supports complete gift voucher life cycle tracking from gift voucher creation, sale, redemption to lost gift voucher handling
  • Comprehensive product Manager manages product stocks, rates, products, etc as well as merges products that are mistakenly created twice
  • Stock Ledger feature provides comprehensive details on the products complete flow within the product
  • Item transaction history feature helps to track the product details
  • Reduce lost sales opportunities due to out-of-stock situations
  • Comprehensive tracking on same product purchased from different vendors with different purchase cost & same MRP but different sales price leads to efficient price management & instant update happens when the selling price changes
  • Flexible price level management leads to efficiency in purchase order given to supplier who supplies product at best cost & is assigned the order
  • Helps to measure pilferage accurately by following cyclic stock taking process
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