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Advantages of using restaurant cloud POS

Seamlessly satisfy every craving

Simplify your restaurant's order management process with our holistic cloud POS system. From kitchen order tickets (KOTs) to table service, eliminate manual efforts and errors, ensuring smooth operations. Experience streamlined table management, accurate inventory tracking, and seamless back-office communication.

Image shows the screen of Cloud POS solution for Restaurants that helps with financial management

Uninterrupted service anytime, anywhere

Our cloud-based restaurant POS system offers offline billing capabilities, ensuring seamless service even when the internet connection is unreliable. Rest assured, all your data will be securely synced with the cloud once you are back online.

Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution for Restaurants that helps with financial management

Mark your presence online

Easily receive online orders from various food aggregators directly into your POS system. Seamlessly manage multiple outlets and make changes to your menus and items. Control all the channels from a single platform and make the right decisions in driving ROI.

Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution that helps with financial accounting
Image shows the screen of Cloud POS solution for Restaurants that helps with financial management Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution for Restaurants that helps with financial management Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution that helps with financial accounting

Unlock the power of possibility with Gofrugal's restaurant cloud POS

Dynamic data dashboard

Make the right decisions to grow your business with business insights, like location and date-wise sales, sales by category, items, and tenders. Optimize sales, profitability, and inventory management with our comprehensive sales, inventory, and purchase reports, reducing costs and maximizing success.

Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution and how different items are populated in the screen

Effortless food aggregator integration

Our POS software enables you to manage all your online orders from food aggregators, like Swiggy and Zomato, on a single screen. With seamless integrations, you can easily manage your store and item availability across multiple platforms. Effortlessly track, process, and fulfill orders, simplifying your online presence and providing an enhanced customer experience.

Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution and how different products are populated in the screen

Plan, prepare, and provide

Our Recipe Management feature enables you to define, configure, and prepare the perfect recipes for your restaurant. Go the extra mile by establishing a comprehensive production plan and deliver consistent delicacies across your outlets and locations with standardized recipes.

Image shows the screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution for Restaurants

Master in-kitchen operations

Maximize yield and minimize waste with our cloud-based POS software. Efficiently and effortlessly manage and track all orders in the kitchen with our integrated kitchen display system (KDS). Manage and record bill of materials and stock levels, optimize your production plan, and maintain targeted food costs every day.

Image shows the screen of Cloud POS solution for Restaurants

Inventory insights, waste-free delights

Monitor your restaurant's consumption and inventory levels and prevent wastage with our wastage management system. Master inventory management to ensure ingredients never deplete and supplies never spoil to increase productivity and profitability.

Image shows the billing screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution and how items are populated in it

Embrace contactless convenience

Elevate your customers dining experience with our intuitive QR menu. Let your customers experience hassle-free ordering, make special requests, add kitchen notes, call a waiter, and check out with online payments. Provide a personalized experience, and go contactless on both orders and payments.

Image shows the billing screen of Restaurant Cloud POS solution and how easy billing is done

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Franchise management module:
Experience effortless expansion and efficient operations

Create a harmonious ecosystem of franchises with one brand experience. Enable the efficient flow of resources, gain control over franchises to scale faster, and collaborate seamlessly with our franchise management module.

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How do aspiring businesses use Gofrugal Cloud POS to grow their brands?

Gofrugal's ServeEasy OnCloud has transformed our business and contributed to 30% growth. We recommend Gofrugal to all F&B businesses.

Jody's Restaurant, Fiji

Ms. Priscilla Darshani,

ServeEasy helped us streamline our operations, and their Smart Reports, ServJoy integration, and especially KOT - helped us delight our customers. Happy to use Gofrugal!

Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

Mr. Jey Charan,

Gofrugal and its fantastic features have helped us save 50% of our operational time. We strongly recommend Gofrugal and are planning to adopt it for our future expansion as well.

SRM Sweets & Cakes, Chennai

Mr. Vinoth Singaram,

Business boosters to make your guests happy

Your steward's new best friend: ServJoy

ServJoy, the restaurant order-taking app that optimizes table service, allows stewards to serve more tables with ease and focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences. No more running back and forth to the kitchen, just efficiency and delight for your esteemed customers!

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Image shows the dashboard of overall activities in the Restaurant Cloud POS solution

Process checkouts seamlessly with GoBill

Meet GoBill, the ultimate restaurant billing app that puts the guest experience first! With its intuitive interface, anyone can use GoBill effortlessly, even without training. Say goodbye to billing delays! GoBill works offline, too, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for your esteemed diners.

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Image shows the dashboard of reports of Cloud POS solution for Restaurant

Get smart with GoAct and make timely decisions with WhatsNow

Serve your customers better and drive your success with WhatsNow! Gain instant visibility into sales, purchases, inventory, and more, all consolidated on a single screen. Make informed decisions on the go, optimizing your menu, boosting profitability, and taking full control of your restaurant while out and about.

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Image shows the dashboard of POS reports of Cloud POS solution

Establish your restaurant's online ordering platform

Provide a seamless online ordering experience for your customers and be the local star in your area. Showcase your menu with real-time item availability, offer flexible payment options, and deliver deliciousness right to your customers' doorsteps!

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Image shows the overall dashboard of Restaurant Cloud POS solution

Establish QR ordering

Let your customers order through a QR menu, provide a personalized experience, and go contactless on both orders and payments!

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Image shows the overall report of Restaurant Cloud POS solution

Join India's revolutionary e-commerce initiative - ONDC Network

Expand your restaurant's reach to a massive buyer audience without juggling multiple ecommerce platforms! With ONDC Network, your online presence gains visibility with countless online shoppers and increases customer acquisition at a lower cost through a single solution.

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Image shows the features of Gofrugal's Restaurant Cloud POS solution

Overview of restaurant cloud POS software

What is a restaurant cloud POS software?

A restaurant cloud POS is a restaurant management solution hosted on the cloud, designed to simplify and streamline daily restaurant operations, including order management, kitchen operations, and production. With the data securely stored in the cloud, it allows quick access from anywhere, ensuring simplicity and ease of use. Additionally, cloud technology enables easy scalability, empowering restaurants to adapt and grow without the need for complex IT infrastructure investments.

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What is the importance of cloud POS in restaurants?

  • Scalability: Cloud POS infrastructure can be easily scaled up as the restaurant grows and expands its operations.
  • Less downtime: Keep your business running with the Offline Mode feature, even when unavailable.
  • Easy updates and maintenance: Cloud POS systems are updated automatically by the software provider, ensuring the user always has access to the latest features and enhancements.
  • Cost-effective: As the restaurant cloud POS software is hosted on a remote server, restaurants can reduce the expense of IT infrastructure and on-premise hardware and focus on their core business operations.
  • Security: Cloud POS systems are hosted on secure servers, so your data is protected from unauthorized access.
  • Improved security: Protect your business data from vulnerability attacks, enhancing overall security.
  • Integrations: Cloud POS systems offer plug-in integrations with modules such as online ordering platforms, food aggregators, loyalty programs, and accounting software.

Is my restaurant's data secure with Gofrugal's cloud POS?

Absolutely. Gofrugal takes your restaurant's data security seriously. We hold ISO27001 compliance certification, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining a strong information security management system. Additionally, our cloud POS system undergoes regular Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) from certified vendors to ensure its resilience against potential threats, ensuring your restaurant's data is maximally protected.

Can Gofrugal's cloud POS be used offline?

Yes. Gofrugal's cloud POS offers a robust offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. You can continue processing orders swiftly and efficiently even without an internet connection. Rest assured, there's no lag in completing billing operations. GoBill, Gofrugal's offline billing solution, ensures a seamless and quick billing experience, whether online or offline. Once the internet is reconnected after working in offline mode, all data is automatically synchronized in the cloud.

How simple is it to train my staff to use Gofrugal's cloud POS?

Gofrugal's cloud POS provides an intuitive interface, designed for easy staff adoption. Furthermore, Gofrugal provides comprehensive online training resources, including help videos and 24/7 customer support, to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Gofrugal's solution expert will assist with product training during implementation, record the session, and provide it to you for future reference.

What features are included in Gofrugal's Restaurant cloud POS?

Gofrugal's restaurant cloud POS encompasses order management, inventory tracking, customizable menus, real-time reporting and analytics, contactless dine-in, food aggregator integration, production plan, customer loyalty programs, and seamless integration with payment gateways.

We give omni-channel solution, allowing you to provide service across all channels. Whether it is dine-in, takeout, home delivery, or online orders, our omni-channel solution ensures you take control of offers, price, and availability in a single solution, ensuring customer delight.

Can I personalize menus and options using Gofrugal's cloud restaurant POS?

Absolutely. You can effortlessly customize menus, manage combos, adjust prices, establish special offers, and implement QR-based menu systems for a contactless dining experience. Our solution also provides the crucial backend features for complete menu engineering, helping you calculate actual food costs and profit margins, ensuring your restaurant operates at its most efficient and profitable best.

How to get started with Gofrugal's cloud restaurant POS?

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