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Image shows the screen of Gofrugal's RetailEasy, comprehensive POS billing software for retail shops.

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Retail businesses supported by Gofrugal POS

Apparel & Footwear
Electrical, Electronics & Computers
Hypermarket & Departmental Stores
Lifestyle & fashion
Pharma & Healthcare
Supermarket & Groceries
Specialized Retail

Key Features of a Retail Software

Optimize retail operations with our retail POS billing software and suite of mobile apps. From order taking to payment processing, we’ve got you covered.

Retail POS inventory control

Maximize sales, and minimize shortages. Experience complete inventory control, smart recommendations, and alerts for stagnant stock or expiring items.

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CRM and Loyalty

Profile, attract, and retain customers with our retail POS. Analyze purchase history, plan promotions, and reward loyalty for increased sales.

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Efficient billing solutions

Delight customers with swift, secure checkout. Seamlessly manage retail billing operations with our top-motch billing software for retail shops.

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Streamlined supply chain

Effortlessly monitor store-specific sales, purchase, inventory, profits, and more with our retail store software. Expand confidently with centralized web access.

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Integrated accounting

Eliminate the need for separate accounting software. This retail billing software seamlessly combines sales, purchases, inventory, and online payments with built-in GST/VAT accounting.

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Business intelligence and data security

Access 350+ real-time MIS reports with our retail billing software. Ensure data security and business continuity with GoSecure BaaS, reducing ownership costs and restoration time.

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Benefits of cloud retail billing software

Discover why your business needs cloud retail billing software:

    • Cost-effective
    • Securee
    • Centralized data
    • Easy access
    • Offline functionality
    • Device flexibility
    • Seamless integrations
8 reasons for cloud retail billing: Cost-effective, secure retail POS, central data, easy, convenient, offline access, flexible, integrated

Take complete control of your inventory with your mobile!

Perform stocktake everyday during business hours to accurately track inventory status with real-time monitoring and live reconciliation with retail software. Increase employee productivity with system generated automated stock taking tasks and instant mismatch reports access anywhere, anytime.

Image shows GoSure StockTake screen - Real-time inventory tracking, automated tasks, instant mismatch reports. Boost retail POS efficiency.

Carry business in your pocket

Get notified of the critical business information from your retail billing software and take timely decisions with real-time reports from your phone anytime anywhere.

Product screen of WhatsNow: Real-time reports on your phone, anytime, anywhere. Empower your retail store software decisions.

GoAlerts Notification is the business magnifier...

Retail POS system with SMS and Email alerts

Start with 10 free SMS
Average walk-in
SMS and get more walk-in,
spread catchment area
More customers
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Get your retail store information anywhere, anytime!

Access retail store data effortlessly. Transition to our retail POS software with built-in business intelligence for more data-driven decision-making.

Image shows employee worried about business. With billing software for the retail shop, he is relieved that he can check his business health.
Move over from manually going through daybooks, ledgers to accessing reports on shop computer and taking long printouts or reports or depending on someone else for your own business reports. Get Gofrugal GoAct now
Retail billing software reports
Image shows how businesses can integrate online and physical stores seamlessly with retail POS for common inventory, accounting, and more.

Integrate online and physical store

One tool for common inventory, accounting, and more

You do not need extra hands to manage additional channels of sales. We'll integrate your online business to retail billing software: Gofrugal RetailEasy POS. View sales orders received on the e-commerce site directly from the POS retail software and process deliveries. Sync the inventory and pricing details of items from physical store to the online store. Take control of your online business and manage it professionally right from the retail billing software
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Experience + Gofrugal = Delight

With Gofrugal ERP, we can handle all our business operations, including billing, inventory, auditing, and e-Commerce, without hiring extra resources and any hassles!

House of MG

Mr. Aashish Rana, IT Manager

Gofrugal has helped us offer the best and fastest service to our customers. We have zero worries about inventory management and auditing only because of Gofrugal ERP!


Ms. Pooja Madham, Manager

Accomplishing accurate stock transfer is a challenging task. With Gofrugal ERP, we have an accurate stock transfer that saves time, labor costs, and unwanted paper costs.

Bhakti Pujapo

Mr. Manshu Parik, Accounts Manager

Overview of Retail Store software

What is retail software?

Retail software, also known as retail POS software, is a comprehensive solution tailored for retail businesses. It facilitates efficient retail management by integrating essential functions such as billing, ordering, delivery management, accounting, and inventory control. With retail software, retailers gain the flexibility to access and operate their retail store software seamlessly from various devices, including web browsers, tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers.

What platforms support Gofrugal's retail billing software?

Gofrugal's billing software for retail shops is available on three major platforms, giving retail business owners the freedom to choose from:

  • Desktop-based - On-premise retail billing software, ideal for PC users.
  • Cloud-based - Accessible from anywhere, cloud-based POS billing software for retail shops allows you to track things from any device.
  • Mobile-based - Flexible and available on-the-go, our mobile-based retail billing software gives you more freedom.
  • For multi-outlet retailers - Enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid model. On-premise retail stores with a cloud-operated central headquarters, all powered by Gofrugal's retail software.

Why is Gofrugal RetailEasy the best Billing software for retail shops?

  • Tailored for retail excellence - RetailEasy is purpose-built for retail businesses, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs.
  • Faster billing - This retail billing software streamlines billing processes, making transactions swift and error-free.
  • Total store management - From inventory control to sales analysis, RetailEasy enhances all aspects of retail operations.
  • Unified solution - It integrates seamlessly with other retail store software and apps, providing a cohesive management system.
  • Comprehensive reporting - Get valuable insights with detailed reports and analytics.

When it comes to POS billing software, RetailEasy is one of the affordable and accessible choices for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why do retail shops need POS billing software?

Retail shops require POS billing software for the following reasons:

  • Smooth transactions - Our retail POS software ensures transactions are swift and error-free, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.
  • Accurate inventory management - Real-time inventory tracking with our retail billing software reduces stockouts and overstock situations, averting financial losses.
  • Business insights - With our retail software, access valuable sales data and reports to empower decision makers and make informed choices.
  • Streamlined operations - Our billing software for retail shops simplifies various retail operations from efficiently processing orders to managing customer data and loyalty programs.
  • Enhanced security - Designed with security features, our retail POS systems protect sensitive customer payment information.
  • Seamless integration - Seamlessly integrate billing software for retail shops with other essential business tools like accounting and inventory management systems.

Investing in retail billing software, whether for a small shop or a large retail chain, is a strategic move to boost efficiency, improve customer service, and drive business growth.

Do you offer a trial period to access free billing software for retail shops?

Absolutely! Gofrugal offers a free trial of our retail billing software, allowing businesses to explore its full range of features. Click here to register and experience our free billing software for retail shops.

Can the Gofrugal retail billing software be used in Mac OS?

Of course! Gofrugal offers cloud-based billing software for retail shops that is compatible with Mac OS. You can manage all aspects of your business operations, including billing, inventory, purchase management, reporting, and accounting seamlessly using Gofrugal's retail shop billing software on Mac OS.

What are the benefits of retail store software?

Selecting the right retail POS software empowers retailers with multiple benefits:

  • Minimal dependency, maximum control - Operate your business independently and efficiently.
  • Integrated accounting - Seamlessly manage accounting tasks within the same platform.
  • CRM and loyalty - Enhance customer relationships and foster loyalty with integrated CRM tools.
  • Purchase and supply chain management - Streamline procurement and supply chain operations.
  • Versatile integrations - Choose from a wide range of integrations, including hardware, payment processing, online ordering, and loyalty programs.
  • Omnichannel management - Effortlessly oversee multiple sales channels in one place.
  • Comprehensive reporting - Access MIS reports and real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Opt for complete retail store software or retail POS for a unified, efficient retail management experience.

A retail POS software is pivotal for several reasons:

Selecting the right retail POS software empowers retailers with multiple benefits:

  • Efficiency - Streamline sales, inventory, and payment processes, speeding up transactions.
  • Inventory management - Helps with real-time tracking of stock, reducing waste, stockouts, and overstock.
  • Accuracy - Minimizes errors in pricing and inventory management, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Security - Safeguards sensitive customer payment information.
  • Customer experience - Enhances customer service with quicker and more precise transactions.
  • Sales analysis - Offers insights into sales trends, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive.

Investing in a retail POS software is crucial for efficiency, accuracy, and overall business success.

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